Friday, 6 March 2015


I got asked to make some bunting for a friend recently and as I love a challenge I was very happy to accept. I've never made bunting before and realised that there are a number of ways it can be done. This is how I did it:

You will need:

Material for triangles ( I had 5 different  patterns 

4 metres of bias binding ( I had the 1cm when doubled over, I know this might not be the technical term but I'm a beginner! )

Iron on interfacing

Iron on hemming tape

Step One:
First I made a template for the triangle using thick paper, measuring 5" across and from the middle of this measurement 8" long and joined the ends to create the triangle point. Using this template I cut 36 triangles. 6 from each of the 5 different materials. This creates both sides for each triangle

Step Two:
Cut 16 triangles of iron on interfacing and sandwich them between two pieces of fabric right sides out. Iron these in place and carefully peel of the side that hasn't stuck. Next cut two pieces of iron on hemming tape and iron the other piece of material in place.

Step Three:
Cut the edges of the triangles to remove any showing interfacing. The hemming tape will keep the edges from fraying. I used normal scissors but pinking shears will leave a good edge too.

Step Four:
I then laid the bias binding flat on the floor and pinned the triangles at even spaces along the length, leaving 2ft each end to allow tying. Then straight stitch from one end of the binding to the other and there you have your custom bunting!

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